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For some time now, safeguarding the environment and reducing the greenhouse gas (CO2) effect responsible for global warming have been the main everyday needs.

Investing considerably at European level for the environment and to prevent global warming, the Sofidel Group's ongoing objectives have been to reduce consumption and get supplies from renewable sources, by choosing the highest energy efficiency machinery, equipment and plants.

The Heavenly Soft range, produced by the Sofidel Group, also embraces this initiative and has the same objectives.
Renewable sources and high efficiency systems
Producing its own electricity using photovoltaic, hydroelectric and co-generation plants.

The Sofidel Group's advanced technological plants allow it to cover most of its production processes' energy needs and all of its steam needs.

An Italian family consumes an average of 2700 KWh of electricity per annum.

This means that the Sofidel Group manages to cover:
  • the equivalent of the amount of electricity needed by 800 families using Photovoltaic plants
  • the equivalent of the amount of electricity needed by 1200 families using hydroelectric plants
  • the equivalent of the amount of electricity needed by 37000 families using co-generation plants.
Photovoltaic plants
25.000 m² = –1000 t CO2 / year
Hydroelectric plants
2 plants = –1200 tons CO2 / year
Co-generation plants
4 plants = -30,000 tons CO2 / year
The Heavenly Soft range, produced by the Sofidel Group, also contributes to reducing CO2 emissions using recyclable energy sources.
Water, a precious resource
Paper production usually requires huge amounts of water. It is just in its last processing stage that the production uses no water.

With its Heavenly Soft range, Sofidel does all it can to limit and reduce water consumption; this through water cycle management and by using, where possible, surface instead of underground water sources.

It makes its quality products using much less water than what is foreseen by the best techniques available for the paper sector at present; these specify consumption of between10 and 25 litres of water/Kg of paper produced. The average amount used by the Sofidel Group is circa 7,5 litres/Kg of paper.

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Procuring cellulose fibre responsibly
Having forest certification is not just a requirement for its raw material suppliers, it is a specific Sofidel Group commitment.

For years now, several production plants have been able to exhibit forest custody chain certification complying with the FSC and PEFC standards.

Using certified cellulose from good forest management is a guarantee for the legality and origin of the wood used in production, and constitutes a valid support to biodiversity in sensitive areas. Said certifications also mean respect for important environmental and social aspects linked to managing forests and plantations.

For a part of its Heavenly Soft range, the Sofidel Group uses recycled paper produced directly in its own plants using waste paper.

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