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Heavenly Soft / News / Luigi Lazzareschi was nominated Ambassador for WWF Italy
Monday 15 February 2016
Luigi Lazzareschi was nominated Ambassador for WWF Italy
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This morning our CEO, Luigi Lazzareschi, was nominated Ambassador for WWF Italy, as part of the ceremony to launch celebrations for the association’s 50th anniversary, held at the ‘Sala Capitolare’ of the Senate of the Republic and attended by President of the Italian Senate Pietro Grasso and worldwide representatives of WWF senior management. The nomination is in recognition of the sustainability programme undertaken by the Group: from the reduction of emissions to the procurement of cellulose from certified or controlled sources and the commitment to education. “This nomination as WWF Ambassador is a recognition that makes the Sofidel Group extremely proud”, declared Luigi Lazzareschi, CEO of the Group. “For us, looking to the future with optimism means working responsibly with commitment and passion every day and protecting the environment around us to guarantee a sustainable future. Because this is a match that we cannot afford to lose. As absurd as it may seem, my wish for the Planet would be, that within the next 50 years we would no longer need the WWF and its ambassadors, because caring for the Planet will become a shared value and a common goal for all the people around the world”.

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