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Confidence® is our premium line of high-quality towel and tissue products, dispensed through a variety of controlled use and universal dispensers.

The Confidence® proprietary no-touch controlled-use dispensers incorporate the latest innovations in portion control and consumption reduction.

The Confidence® dispenser system work exclusively with our Confidence® roll towels and are sold through our lease program.

A premium line of high-quality, top performance products for the most demanding environments.

TAD Technology Towels - our Confidence® towels that are manufacturer with Through air drying technology offer a high-quality product that guarantees maximum performance with more absorbency and resistance. Since it absorbs more liquids, reducing the amount of paper used, this premium towels eliminates waste and reduces operating costs.

Products manufacturer Thru air drying technology optimizes the drying phase during the production process of the paper. Different from tradidional processes that requires pressure, the paper us dried by permeating hot air throught the fibers.

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