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Hand towels
Toilet Paper
An answer for the needs of health establishments, for a complete hygiene.
Safety, convenience and efficacy for hygiene in educational institutions.
Convenience and ease of use, for top industrial cleaning
Cleaners & Retail
Products at the service of cleaning specialists, for impeccable results.
Hospitality & Foodservice
High-performance, quality solutions for Hotels, bars and cafés.
Goal attained: hygiene and cleanliness in work environments.
Your solution for high frequency environment
Innovative solutions on the road, in the air and on the water to prevent clogs
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Heavenly Soft ® offers a complete line of premium high-quality tissue and towel products equivalent to national brands.
A value proposition: Double Layer enables you to offer a superior product to your customers while realizing significant savings and creating added value
Dissolve Tech paper hand towels are resistant and dissolvable. During use, Dissolve Tech behaves like a normal paper hand towel and with the same wet strength, providing great absorbency. Once used, if disposed of in the toilet system, the tovel will dissolve minimizing the risk of clogging.
Confidence is a premium line of high quality towel and tissue products, dispensed through a variety of controlled use and universal dispensers. Our unique TAD towel products are the best in their class. These versatile towels offer high performance hand drying and are ideal for any wiping tasks.
Dissolve Tech has been awarded by Sanitary Maintenance as a Distributor Choice Award Winner. The Sanitary Maintenance Distributor Choice Awards Program recognizes the most innovative and useful sanitary supply products of the year, as determined by sanitary supply distributors who voted in an online campaign. The voters, which include every type of distributor active in the sanitary supply marketplace, including ...
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